Feeling better

Tramadol, paracetamol and ibuprofen are the order of the day now. I have also been told that I am not allowed to ride on the Tour until Tuesday – the reason being that I very clearly hit my head when I crashed and there is the possibility of concussion. I would probably not be physically able to ride much of a stage by then anyway as I have a large haematoma on my lower right thigh which will take time to dissipate and allow full movement through my knee (quite important for riding a bike!).

Yesterday was not a great day for me – moving around was very painful and I wondered whether I should simply get the next plane home – which would have been very easy as the hotel is close Toulouse airport. I am glad I didn’t. When I woke up this morning I felt much better and can move much more easily. As I was not out riding I could stay on in the hotel while the whirl of 100 or so cyclists organised themselves and set off at 8am for the 180km Stage to Rodez.

I took the chance over breakfast to spend some time chatting with Julian from Chaos Theory, one of the charities supported by the William Wates Memorial Trust. His insights into the world of violence, knives, machetes and drugs in East London were scary. Julian is clearly passionate about what he does and gave me an understanding of why these types of crime are so difficult to confront and defeat. Essentially they become a cultural norm and only those brave enough to try and break out of it stand a chance of changing the course of their lives. Julian is someone to turn to and help – inspirational and eye opening.

Then I had the luxury of watching the Lions NZ game. NZ on paper should win every time. A scratch team at the end of a long season playing away from home against a settled team that have won the last two World Cups. Brilliant effort to draw the series – Chapeau to the Lions!

Today was a nice day off,  tomorrow I am chief sandwich maker on one of the feedstop vans. Rain is forecast and it should be cooler. Hopefully I will continue to recover well – we’ll see.