Firstly I am staggered by the amount of interest, support and concern my adventure has generated. My amateur usage of Social Media has helped but ‘old fashioned’ cards texts and emails have also been sent to me which provided a huge amount of encouragement – I could not let everyone down!

Secondly, the event itself is incredibly well run. If anyone is tempted to take on a challenge involving a bike then this is the one. It doesn’t matter if you go for a few days or the whole thing – if you go with the right attitude then you will love it.

BUT it is as much a psychological/mental examination as much as it is physical. Unexpected things will come at you requiring you to be mentally tough and organised. I don’t mind admitting that I am a ‘faffer’ (ask Dr Fi!) and faffing did not help me when I needed to be highly organised and switched on. I have concluded that cycling is largely mind over matter and I am sure there were cyclists in 2017 who completed their challenge through sheer willpower alone.

I am now going to have a rest for a week or so as my body is battered. The right hand side of my body is still bruised and scarred and I now have a painfully swollen right ankle which took a knock on each of the crashes but also now has to accommodate all the bruising as it ‘heads south’ towards the lowest part of the body it can find.

I might have to get back on the bike sooner than anticipated to get the ankle moving and blood flowing to dissipate it away. At least I will have a better idea of what I am doing than 3 weeks ago!

Thanks for reading.